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Innovation and Technology

Securecorp at the forefront of leading-edge innovation and technologies

Securecorp is at the forefront of innovation. We combine leading edge technologies with our award-winning service methodologies to offer enhanced services, streamlined operations, transparent reporting and superior labour distribution across the contracts we service. Our innovative methods have already been proven to reduce client expenditure while maximising return on investment. 

Our focus is on driving efficiencies, providing value for money solutions and increased cost savings for our clients. We tailor our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clients taking into consideration their circumstances, budgets and facility requirements.

Securecorp fosters relationships with both local and global providers to ensure we can offer our clients leading edge solutions that meet their needs.

Our rich history of innovation has focused on operational excellence, delivering exceptional services, and ensuring the ongoing security and safety of our staff, our clients and their assets. 

CCTV VehicleS

Our latest CCTV vehicle technology is revolutionising security and public safety. Engineered for regular security patrols as well as rapid deployment during major events and emergencies, these rugged units are fitted with 360-degree camera technology which provides both live-streamed and recorded footage whilst on the move. 


Sentinels, the latest in site monitoring, use Videofied™ motion detector technology that provides site monitoring without the need for any physical presence. These purpose-built mobile units help in determining genuine intrusions from false alarms. With the ability to be easily relocated, Sentinels suit the changing needs of transient and evolving environments – perfect for construction sites and event security. 


Reduce alarm callouts and manpower costs without compromising on security by tapping into existing CCTV infrastructure, our monitoring team can deliver 24/7 ‘virtual tour’ and alarm security checks without the need for regular mobile and foot patrols.

duress watch

The Duress Watch is wearable technology that provides GPS tracking, live video/audio streaming, automated check-ins and reminders.  Ideal for lone-workers or for workers in remote locations. Safety features include man-down detection, with functionalities that enable the ability to alert for help, notify managers and dispatch emergency services.


Improve safety for frontline security workers with our elegant, efficient and easy to use, body worn cameras. They offer live stream capabilities, and on-the-spot video replay. This latest wearable technology provides transparent and improved interactions with the public.

COVID-19 Technologies & Services

Securecorp operates the latest in COVID-19 technologies and services. Our Thermal Kiosk provides rapid-scan temperature monitoring for fast and contact-free entry to busy workplaces and businesses. It can also be enabled for mask detection and/or facial recognition, if required. Our Temperature Guns are equipped with infrared sensors that measure surface temperature while maintaining physical distance. They are perfect for screening people for fevers without the need for close contact helping protect staff and customers from the spread of viruses.

Securecorp Cleaning delivers innovative preventative cleaning solutions including an Australian Government approved Surface Protection Spray for long-lasting protection against surface to person transfer of COVID-19 and other bacteria. Other specialised services include return to work/business cleaning and decontamination cleaning.

Automated and Robotic Cleaning Services

Our cleaning technology innovations, robotic and automated cleaning machines offer significant efficiencies and cost savings. In addition to increased productivity benefits, these durable units deliver reliable cleaning results in a sustainable way. Contact the Securecorp Cleaning team for more information on how robotic solutions can benefit your business.

Latest Innovations

In an ever-changing marketplace, Securecorp continuously seeks out new and innovative ways to improve our services. Contact us today to find out how we could help.


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