About Us

Our Responsibility

Safeguarding and enhancing our communities and the environment

Environmental Responsibility

SECUREcorp is committed to minimising the waste of materials, substances and energy. Our goal is to purchase and use materials, substances and equipment that are environmentally friendly, prevent pollution and have minimal impact on the environment. SECUREcorp has obtained accreditation under standard AS/NZS ISO 14001: for Environmental Management within our Integrated Management System.

Charity Work

SECUREcorp regularly engage with the community on a local and national level. We aim to address important social issues and put people and the community first. We hold a proud history of engaging with a number of charitable programs and organisations across Australia and continue to evaluate opportunities to support charities and the wider community through our work.

Community Support & Empowerment

We actively engage in the placement of persons from disadvantaged backgrounds and marginalised communities into gainful employment and then invest in their continued skills and development whilst nurturing their ongoing progress.

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